Episode 14- Mina's Solo w/a new Mini-sode Segment, Return to John Mayer, and Coming Soon to ALA!


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Whoa! Welcome back to everyone still out there! I decided to step outside of the box of Artists Loving Artists Episode a bit and begin a new mini-segment of Solo Episodes (Mini-sodes)! I was heavily inspired driving home from work today: it's time to get this Wheel turning and keep Going. Whether it's one song, one album, one artist or ten, I'll be putting out a bi-weekly episode on whatever I'm inspired by to analyze or discuss. I'm excited about this new phase and think it's only going to help the structure of ALA grow. Come along and listen, and hope to have you as a guest soon :) Much Love from Mina This week I'm back to someone I don't think I gave the right amount of analysis and justice to: John Mayer. As a songwriter and guitarist his unique invitations to hear HIM is always so simple and so beautiful to me through so many different lenses. This episode, I was inspired to discuss my top 3 songs that continually pop up in my field: The Wheel, In Your Atmosphere (Live), and New Light. And how they've expanded my perception of reality in to REAL reality...really! Hope you enjoy and thanks for sticking around!

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