Episode 23 - Marillion & Faces (w/Rod Stewart)


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Welcome Back Everyone! This week, I'm joined by my awesome pal Art Shimko - we met at one of my acoustic gigs a couple of years ago and have kept in touch via the Social Media! Art is a former radio host, and taste for music is extremely broad and unique - in turn -extremely interesting! He's a fountain of information on the things he loves - you can hear for yourself on his Podcast called the "ArtCast" or check out what he's up to during the week on his Facebook Live Vlogs! We talk this week about some English Dudes from both the late 70's and 80's - Art's pick being Marillion and mine being the Faces w/Rod Stewart. We dissect and discuss Marillion's Hits "Kayleigh" & "Warm Wet Circles" as well as Rod's "Gasoline Alley" & end with the Faces classic "Ooh La La" -A good compliment to each other, being the Niche artists they are. This was such a fun episode! I hope this helps to get you out of any routine you might feel stuck in, and dive deep into some good music for an hour and some change to brighten your day! Have a great week, and stay safe out there!

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