Episode 24 - Wilco & Leon Bridges


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Welcome Back! This week, I'm joined by my pal Bo Tyler: guitarist, banjo player, and striking harmonizer! Bo is part of the Cosmic Campfire quartet led by Curtis Roush of the "Bright Light Social Hour", as well as Bo & Chris: his duo with his pal and fellow guitarist, and... works Solo too! Is there anything he CAN'T do?! You can find my quirky and dope friend at @god_fearing_synth_man on Instagram and all over the local scene when life normalizes again! This week, we are going into Bo's pick of "Wilco" and mine of "Leon Bridges" Both picks sharing the EXCEPTIONAL EMBODIMENT of what Artistry is, who they are, and what they do and SO DAMN WELL! We dissect and discuss Wilco's "Hell is Chrome" & "That's Not the Issue" from their very first Album - as well as Leon Bridges "Beyond" & his latest collab. hit with band, Khruangbin called, "Texas Sun"- 10/10 on the Artistry level of tunes this week. Thanks so much to Bo for coming over to hang out in the studio and talk shop during this crazy time! I hope all enjoy, and be sure to check out all of Bo's projects straight from his IG! Have a great week! Mina

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