S1E8 - When Life Gives You Lemons Ft. Rajiv of The Rajiv Show


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Living in America is a roller coaster. We can almost all attest to the fact that there are many people living in the United States that don't leave their home state. Imagine being born in a country that your family is not from, being taken out, and put back. The struggles that you might have! Rajiv is living in the Philippines currently and is of Indian descent. What an anomaly! With an infectious laugh and smile, this podcaster, artist, and genuine human being has a lot of stories to tell. We speak about the liquor ban happening in the Philippines right now (especially in the Mindanao area). Rajiv was raised in the Philippines, but went to live in India for several years. This definitely caused some flux in his life. He also lost a close family member, his grandmother, who's last dying wish was to see him. Sadly, when he and his family arrived, she had just passed. Undoubtedly, the family was not only dealing with the pain of the loss, but they were all dealing with their own internal struggles simultaneously, causing a lot of stress. Including Rajiv, who was just a young boy at the time. He did not have many friends at the time upon returning to the Philippines. He felt isolated. He failed out of high school. He didn't feel like he was 'winning.' But the truth is, he was in his own way. When he returned to the Philippines he won awards, and was incredibly humble and humbled by his experience. He also touches on how people get so easily offended by the way he speaks, even when it isn't his intention. When he was feeling alone, he had his comic books, he had his passion for music and performance, and his beloved art. This episode contains a lot of laughter, some knowledge about different countries, and probably some words that you won't understand. Turns out that Rajiv and Tina Marie Selene happen to both be and Uncle and Aunt with nieces and nephews that are older than them! Rajiv's life has been full of loss, but he fills up the room with his smile no matter what. Who doesn't understand basic math? Tina Marie or Rajiv? When he wins, it's apparent that it's a big win. He will be returning to Indie Pods United, a virtual summit, this year Dec 3-Dec 5, 2021. Please make sure you follow him on his platforms!

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