Inside the VC Mind: Technification in South Asia: Internationalisation of Indian SaaS Startups, with Sanjay Nath, Co-founder and Managing Partner of Blume Ventures (rebroadcast)


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In today’s episode, we talk with Sanjay Nath, Co-founder and Managing Partner of Blume Ventures, one of India’s leading early-stage venture funds. Sanjay also represents Blume on the boards of Arka Venture Labs and the Draper Venture Network. Blume focuses on Seed to Pre-Series A stages of funding and has made over 100 investments across its 10-year history across multiple funds. Sanjay has invested in and advises a wide portfolio of startups including GreyOrange Robotics, Dataweave, Locus, Tricog, LBB, Lulu, Lambdatest, TapChief (acquired by Unacademy),, and amongst others.

What is the trajectory for Indian startups expanding abroad? How do they start in India and move to the US and SEA? How can startups build and sell remotely and operate in a virtual world? What are the repercussions of localization when internationalization? Sanjay, as an active investor in the space, brings his experience in answering all these questions and more!

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Show Notes

02:10 Introduction to Sanjay Nath
02:55 Sanjay’s transition from consulting to VC
07:41 The trend of Indian startups expanding overseas
11:20 Overcoming the barriers of cross-border expansion
16:38 How Blume VC supports startups with their expertise and best practices
24:10 Localisation vs Internationalisation from Day 1
28:22 Popular revenue models among Indian startups
31:04 The second-order effect of Covid19 on cross-border expansion
38:22 Opportunities for Indian SaaS companies in China
41:05 Leveraging diaspora and ecosystems to expand to the US and Europe
45:17 Sanjay’s final thoughts

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