Asian Hustlers: A little Sweet And Full Of Flavors with PQ Fung, Kim Tran, June Kaewsith and Ai Nguyen


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A pastry chef in a family of military men, a weaver of stories, an advocate for women’s equality in the workplace, and a former fashion designer turned holistic life coach. These are only four out of the millions of Asian women who went against the norm and created their own stories. In this episode, we have Phuong Quach, a professional pastry chef whose parents initially wanted her to be a cook for their large family. We have Jumakae June Ka, a storytelling coach who insists on creating stories that our ancestors will be proud of. We also have Kim Tran who traded law school for marketing, branding, and advertising. Last but not the least, Ai Nguyen whose health problems in the fashion industry led her to become a life coach for holistic health. Follow the stories of these women as they journey through disobeying their family’s plan for them to becoming successful in their own rights.

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