Asian Hustlers: Follow Your Passion, Love And Story With Andrei Garthoff, Vickie Gould, And Ani Wey


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Full of inspiration and pride, this episode is a special gathering of three Asian hustlers who have been thriving and making a name for themselves here in America. Inspiring how there are no limits to what we can do if we only pursue our passions, Kimchi Chow brings together an Asian country singer in Tennessee, a storytelling marketing and book coach, and a love, mindset, and manifesting coach. They are Andrei Garthoff, Vickie Gould, and Ani Wey. In this very engaging conversation, they take us across their journeys and what made them do what they do. Learn about making a place for oneself in a seemingly different community from Andrei; find out the beauty in sharing stories and inspiring people through them from Vickie; and allow Ani to remind you that finding love always begins with the self. All of these and more great wisdom in this episode.

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