Asian Hustlers: The Flavor Continues with Jane Duan, Brian Lim and Bao Pham


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Jane Duan, Bao Pham and Brian Lim, the three amazing people behind the non-profit called The Flavor Continues, join Kimchi Chow in this episode to talk about their stories and what led them on a journey to start a grassroots, community-based non-profit organization that aims to celebrate the street dancing scene and with the very people who are actively creating that culture. Jane is a scientist, dancer, and teacher who is now looking forward to being the Executive Director of TFC. Brian curates one of New England’s most highly anticipated events, “Entering ShaoLynn,” which he cites as the initial inspiration for creating TFC. Meanwhile, Bao is the Creative Director of TFC who has experience in participating in dance battles and sessions, as well as in event organizing in her local scene in Boston. Join in as they discuss the inextricable link between dance and the culture communities where it is created, the challenges of creating their identities as Asian-American dancers, their experiences in dancing and curating dance events, and many more.

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