Healing The Asian’s Shame: From Bankruptcy To Financial Abundance with Jenny Thao Ngo


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Underneath a lot of Asians finding themselves in America want to have the American dream. Jenny Thao Ngo was one of those and she took the path of most people would do: make good grades in school, go to college, have a good job, then life would be right and happy. Jenny quickly realized that wasn’t the case for her. In college, she started looking into starting a business because she wanted to have the shot at the American dream. Most importantly, it was to have financial resources to also help support her parents. Many business opportunities came to her, at least five businesses in different areas, but she just couldn’t make it work. With the loss of investment in starting up these businesses, she got into a lot of debt and had to file for bankruptcy. Jenny had to deal with a lot of embarrassment and the shame that came with it. After finally taking it as an opportunity for her to start over again and to have a clean slate, she’s doubled her highest-level paying income as a transformational healing coach. Jenny shares her story from bankruptcy to financial abundance, and shares her insights on how it can be possible for us to move through our challenges.

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