Healing The Asian’s Shame: From Unwed Teen Mom To Award-Winning Author with Jacqui Letran


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“I was a troublemaker from infancy. My motto was either I give the first punch or I get punched. I don’t want to get punched so I was the one that was giving out a lot of punches.” Those were the words from Jacqui Letran to express how it was to grow up fighting to survive. Jacqui is a multiple award-winning author, international speaker, mindset mentor, and host of the podcast, Stop the Bully Within. But before all the fame and the adulation was a teenage girl who had to struggle with depression and anger. She went out looking for fights because there was so much happening inside of her that if she didn’t do anything to release all those negative energy, she felt like she would burst. Jacqui is now helping teens and young adults discover the hidden gifts even in the worst of circumstances and tap into the remarkable strength and inner power already within themselves. She recounts her life story from being an unwed teen mom to becoming an award-winning author, and all the lessons learned along the way.

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