Healing The Asian’s Shame: Sexual Freedom with Mai Vu


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Born to a very famous mother and a non-existent father, bestselling author and life coach Mai Vu grew up in a myth created about her family and their escape from Vietnamese communism. For her, the escape, as difficult as it was, was a doorway into a whole new life. When she hit America, that was when she started hitting the ground running. She felt like she had a brand new slate and nothing was going to stop her. For 39 years of her life, she devoted herself to building a relationship, buying a house, doing chores, having babies, growing her business, going to church, and being good to my parents. On her 39th year, she had this epiphany where she was forced to face the questions of whether she’s going to continue suppressing herself for the rest of her life or opening it up so that she can learn more about herself. Mai shares her life story from growing up in an abusive family to excelling in academics and career, to living large by unleashing herself by finding sexual freedom and full self-expression.

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