My Window Of Opportunity with Dr. Limin Hu


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So much has changed since the time when people rely on papers for their finances. Now with new innovations coming in, everything has become digital. Ahead of his time, Dr. Limin Hu co-founded a FinTech company called Ellie Mae, Inc. in 1998 way back when the industry was still finding its way into popularity. Bringing the digital internet technology to the finance industry, Dr. Hu shares the origin story of his company and how they revolutionized the industry, most especially the US mortgage industry. Dr. Hu tackles the change in the meaning of leadership from then to now, highlighting the kind of leader who can put their passion in their work and their team. Moving deeper into his non-profit work, Dr. Hu talks about his fundraising effort called Friend of Children with Special Needs (FCSN) and what it means to him and how he found the window of opportunity.

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