Rites Of Passages To The Dreamtime And Underworld with Lani Yamasaki


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Being raised in a multicultural family, Lani Yamasaki grew up embracing the cultures of her heritage. Lani’s dad is Japanese and English, her mom is Hawaiian and Chinese. Her family’s different multicultural celebrations shaped how she was able to look at the world with diverse eyes and appreciate diversity at an early age. Lani’s ancestors conducted rites of passages into the dreamtime which is also considered the underworld. It’s not hell, but a place of incubation, a time of introspection, a place to receive answers not only through your ancestors but through your guardians as well. She says rights of passages or ceremonies, initiations, and practices that bring us from birth to childhood, from childhood to adolescence, from adolescence to adulthood, and then from adulthood to death, may have some lessons in between. Discover more about rites of passages as Lani expounds on it. She also touches on growing up with multiple heritages and trying to fit in, surviving several traumas and healing from shame, and finding her kuleana or true purpose.

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