Taking Patients Beyond The Exam Room With Dr. Emily Letran And Dr. Susan Truong


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Doctors save lives, but their importance in our society goes beyond that. They create such transformational work that affects people even after they get treated. Some even go far beyond by developing personal relationships with their patients, being with them all throughout their lives. In this episode, Kimchi Chow is joined by two great doctors, both Vietnamese refugees and first-generation immigrants, who have taken their patients beyond the exam room and into self-development. She has over Dr. Emily Letran—a dentist, serial entrepreneur, CEO of multiple dental practices, and private coach to many professionals—and Dr. Susan Truong—an optometrist, visionary strategist, and founder and CEO of Beyond 20/20 Vision. Together, they share with us each of their journeys and the stories that led them to go beyond their professions and transform other people’s lives. What drives them? What is their message? Who do they serve? Dr. Emily and Dr. Susan answer these questions, putting forward how the privilege of serving ultimately keeps them going. Find out more about their inspiring lives in this great conversation.

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