The Path Less Traveled with CK Lin, John Wayne, and Andrew Suba


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One thing is clear with the Asian Women of Power Podcast, that it is about giving voice to the experiences of Asian women as they overcome the adversities specific to them as they thrive in America. Taking a turn by moving the light towards the Asian-American men, we get to hear from their own perspectives about their own struggles. Do they feel the same way? Do they have more pressure to meet certain expectations from the Asian culture as well as the American culture? How well are they adapting in America? How is life for them here in general? We have three guests to tell their own stories – business consultant, CK Lin, and life and business coaches, Andrew Suba and John Wayne. They give insights as they share their own journey, providing inspiration on their pivots in life – from finding a separate identity from what they were expected to be, to paving their own successful paths.

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