Transcending The Bamboo Ceiling With David Tran


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When you reach the peak of your career, the last thing you would want to do is retire. However, guest, David Tran, believes that retiring at the peak of your career should be the norm and not the exception. In this episode, he sits down with host, Kimchi Chow, to discuss why he left the position of Vice President of Marketing and Product Management at PAC and never regrets it. At the heart of this episode, is finding your life’s purpose, living it every day, and achieving happiness early on. David shares his journey and insights as a retired corporate executive with us and how he is continually transcending the bamboo ceiling. He also provides the two questions we should ask ourselves when deciding to retire, tapping into the importance of financial independence and loving what we do. What stops people from deciding to leave their careers? What do you need to prepare? David answers these questions and more and then sheds some light on the challenges of Asian-Americans in the workplace and how they can overcome them.

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