KSQD 9-02-2020: Please wear a mask -- lots of COVID-19 research and treatment news and other topics


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Health care worker studies prove masks work to lower Coronavirus transmission; Analysis of COVID-19 test samples reveals biochemical causes of the symptoms of the virus; HEPA filter is probably better than a heating device to remove Coronavirus from the air; What is the optimum time to get a flu shot, including a booster shot; Advice for kidney stone prevention depends on the type of stone; The latest news on improved treatment protocols for COVID-19; Latest policies on who should get the Coronavirus vaccine pose logistical problems; Genetic variations determine severity of COVID-19 symptoms in children and the focus on inflammation; FDA and NIH promotes Precision Nutrition research, which is basically Functional Medicine; The effect of sleep patterns on the microbiome and hypertension; Atypical femur fractures are blamed on long-term bisphosphonates

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