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Matthew Miller joins the show to talk about next week's release of Fedora 34, with Gnome 40 and Pipewire there is no shortage of exciting changes coming to the distro. We take your calls, and emails and answer questions!

-- During The Show --

00:50 Multi-Hard Drive Install - M.X.U.
  • If you have the same make/model make sure you know your serial numbers
04:00 Sony WH-1000XM4 headsets help? - Richard
06:00 Headphone recommendation? - Chris
  • Frequency Range
    • Human Range 20-20,000 hz
    • Sony WH-1000XM4
    • Sampling rate - 44.1 khz is nearly imperceptible to the human ear
    • Wireless requires Encoding/Decoding which can degrade quality
    • CD quality is much better than mp3, FLAC and WAV can be "uncompressed"
  • Driver Unit Size
    • Generally larger driver = better sound quality
    • Multiple small drivers can out perform a single large driver
  • Passive/Isolation vs Active Noise Cancellation

    • Active - generates opposite wave from to cancel out noise
    • Passive/Isolation - Simply tries to block outside noise
  • 1st Choice Sony WH-1000XM4

  • 2nd Choice Bose Quiet Comfort
19:30 Gnome 40 still single thread? - Jon

21:00 Caller HDD Arrays - Mark

  • It depends on your use case
  • JBOD "just a bunch of disks"
  • Mirrored Array
  • Raid 5
  • Raid Cards can cause issues, Certain file systems (ZFS) want to talk to the disks directly
25:00 Education/Career Advice for a High Student
  • A few paths to take
    • Programmer
    • Support
    • System Engineer
    • Network Engineer
  • Job Shadow
  • Internships
  • Certs can be good
    • Red Hat Certs are good (RHCSA)
    • Don't rely on certs

28:45 Interview with Matt

  • BTRFS by default went well
  • Fedora 34
    • Currently On Schedule
    • Fedora Linux Schedule
    • Transparent Compression is enabled
    • Shipping with Gnome 40
    • Multi-Monitor in Gnome 40 needs some work still
    • New Spins available
    • Pipewire by default (Pro audio for everyone!)
    • SystemD OOMD on by Default
    • Fedora Server received lots of polish (thank you Fedora Server Team)
    • Fedora IOT Edition, Based on RPM OS Tree and Containers
    • CoreOS has 3 streams now
    • You can get involved with Fedora
    • New Fedora Logo
    • History Of the Fedora Logo
    • Fedora Site
53:30 Another Backup question - Daniel
  • You want off site and automated backup
  • Bacula
  • ZFS/BTRFS Send/Receive

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