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It's the 'Ask The Festival Lawyer' Podcast

In this week’s “Ask the Festival Lawyer” podcast, Cameron and Jason answer a question from the audience about the recent use of drug dogs at the Sunset Music Festival.

The two discuss how the Supreme Court has ruled on prior drug dog cases, discuss issues surrounding drug dogs falsely alerting on festival goers as well as giving you tips for how to handle yourself should a drug dog alert on you.

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Disclaimer: Although the Festival Lawyer is a lawyer he is not YOUR lawyer. The ATFL column gives general information about legal topics, NOT legal advice. The law is complex, varies a great deal from state to state, and each factual situation is different. Also, “The Festival Lawyer” is a fictional character. Think of the Festival Lawyer more like a legal spirit guide, encouraging you to educate and inform yourself.

If you have a question for the podcast you can email Cameron and Jason at askthefestivallawyer@fest300.com.

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