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This week Jim is on the road and hanging out with Ed from Sonic Cupcake and Dave from the Cigar Authority at Studio 21 Cafe. We talk about his book David vs Goliath: How to Compete, And Beat, The On-Line Giant. 100 Proven Promotions For Brick & Mortar Retailers and how he uses his podcast to boost his business.



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01:09 Sponsor:

02:29 Jim Joins David Garofalo

03:20 David Garofalo has a book as well

04:56 How The Podcast is Boosting Cigar Sales

06:39 Promotion when your content is blocked

10:20 Getting Monetization Ideas From Your Audience

11:01 THREE YEARS (A Popular Answer)

13:41 WIN WIN WIN Can go Forever

15:15 The Power of the Niche

16:51 Anything Didn't work?

19:43 What Do You Think of the Set?

24:40 Using Your Podcast To Open Doors

27:43 How Long Does it Take A Traditional Store to Grow

30:29 Our Awesome Supporters

32:33 Advice for New Podcasters

34:46 How Do You Deal With Censorship?

39:52 Accepting Constructive Criticism

42:18 How Has COVID Affected Your Business?

46:45 Ask the Podcast Coach Downloads

47:20 The Motivation Behind Ask The Podcast Coach

48:50 Sponsors and Downloads

50:11 Same Formula Different Niche-Different Result

54:06 A Passionate Nich is Needed

56:25 Road Trip Report


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01:00:21 Cats Are Horrible Podcasters

01:02:49 EU Podcaster Gets Investigated

01:05:26 RIAA Takes Down Show

01:06:36 Focusrite 2i2 Question

01:12:23 Old Hissy Mixers

01:18:52 Normalization

01:23:43 Auphonic is great, but...

01:25:08 No Show on the 24th of October

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