Talk Heathen 04.06 2020-02-09 with Eric Murphy & Kevin Stein


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TALK HEATHEN 04.06 for 2020-02-09 with Eric Murphy & Kevin Stein SHOW TIME-STAMPS 00:06:08 Hermer - NY - He’s BAAAAACK! Still on the salt thing. 00:10:36 Arthur - TX - Would like to discuss belief due to personal experiences. 00:33:07 Kyran - FL - Why is it moral that Lucifer was cast out of heaven? 00:42:00 Tyler - MI - God must exist because abiogenesis was debunked. 01:01:49 Hayden - DE - Former “Atheist”, was introduced to theism. Recoverted! 01:22:09 Ethan - IL - Will be participating in a debate, would like to figure out goals. 01:29:55 Tam - Vietnam - Has the definite source of morality: It’s… 01:40:23 Daniel - CA - Which is more honest, The Book of Eric or the Bible? SHOW NOTES Greetings heathens! Today’s Talk Heathen is going to be awesome! Eric Murphy is joined by Kevin Stein in taking calls. Let’s get to calls. Hermer calls us (again!) from a cavern deep inside the Earth, he hasn’t fixed his phone or it could be a voice changer, hmmm. He proceeds to justify Lot’s wife turning into salt because sweat tastes like salt (again, sigh.) Eric asks if he has ever seen anyone turn to salt or watched someone fly. He resorts to talking like a “demon”. Oh, you’re a poe. BYE! Arthur from Fort Worth, Texas calls in to talk about some personal experiences he thinks were supernatural. Kevin gets straight to the point: How do you confirm and verify these experiences? The following caller named Kyran from Florida would like to talk about JW and a hypothetical about their beliefs in the devil. Was it moral that Lucifer was cast out of heaven by God? Interesting hypothetical question, not sure why he’s asking atheists, but it’s an interesting story. Oh, you’ll love this… The next caller in the queue is Tyler B. Tyler from Mississippi who was riling up the live-chat during the show. We kept a line open for him specifically. He is wanting to discuss abiogenesis and how there is no evidence for it and there is only a living god that created everything. Pot, Kettle, God of the Gaps and Special Pleading fallacies, what? Next up, Hayden in Delaware was a former “Atheist” turned Theist. Claims as an atheist he was (like all atheists) close-minded so he became a theist again. Hmmm, interesting. Coming in like a wrecking-ball, we have Ethan up next. He’s in Illinois. Sorry, there’s no correlation there. Chicago is cold this time of year. Anyway, Ethan is wondering how to approach his next debate about making goals within a debate. Good Luck Ethan! Hope your debate on tuesday goes well! Tam in Vietnam has the definite source of morality. It’s.... the behavior of a species that encourages reproduction and the balance of those being born and those dying. I am not sure how human survival is moral, have you seen what we are doing to our home planet? Our last caller of the day, Daniel in California wants to talk about which book is more honest, the Book of Eric or the Bible. (We all agree, the Book of Eric is more honest.) Being pushed to a point, he asks about the “God Particle.” Google is a wonderful place, Daniel. I think you’ll find a wealth of information there. And that’s it folks, see you all next week!

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