Talk Heathen 04.07 2020-02-16 with Vi La Bianca & Jen Aldrich


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SHOW TIME-STAMPS 00:04:26 Ronique - TN - Recently deconverted, is in a weird spot with spiritual/new age folks 00:21:14 Hayden - DE - Would like to talk about their beliefs 00:33:43 Jeron - TX - Is a believer, and is challenged with understanding the concept of God. 00:45:40 Mika - Sweden - What is the definition of God from an atheist’s perspective. 01:10:12 Sebastian - Chile - How prayer can help everyone, even non-believers. 01:18:58 Erin - Eastern US - Their partner is getting into woo. Uh oh. SHOW NOTES In today’s episode of Talk Heathen, Vi La Bianca is joined by fellow Godless Bitches 3.0 host Jen Aldrich. Welcome back Jen. Let’s get to calls. The first caller is Ronique from Tennessee. She is struggling and is challenged by the “new age” folks in her life. Listen in to hear Jen and Vi talk about how to create boundaries and also how to navigate this within her community. Next up, Hayden from Delaware would like to talk about theistic belief and how it relates to atheism. Would like to also talk about how atheists tend to be condescending towards theists. Vi talks about understanding the process of deconverting and that the angry atheist can be part of that process. Like within any group, there’s almost always some bad apples. The following caller named Jeron from Texas claims to be a believer, but doesn’t think God exists. Is he a theist? Is he a Mormon? Does he truly believe in a deity? Tune in to hear Vi try to walk and talk through this. The next caller in the queue is Mika from Sweden wanting to discuss the definition of God from an atheist’s perspective. He provides a ton of fallacies and gish gallops a ton. Listen to all of it. It’s fascinating! The goalpost looks good here, oh wait I need to move them over there... Next up, Sebastian in Chile claims that prayer can help everyone, even non-believers. After a long story about traveling to Peru, and taking DMT in the Amazon jungle, he continues to claim how prayer helped remove “dark energy and heaviness.” Hmmmm. Our last caller of the day, Erin in the Eastern US would like to discuss how their partner is getting into woo and is concerned about them turning away from looking at the world skeptically and rationally. Vi and Jen help them looking at this and figuring out a way that strengthens their relationship. And that’s the end of the show! See you all next week for continued Adventures with Heathens…

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