Truth Wanted 03.04 2020-02-14 with ObjectivelyDan & Nervardia


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14:11 Stan in Philadeplphia Defending gold-diggers. It's behaviors between two consenting adults. "Money is more important than muscles." What about if the relationship becomes a dependency? Is it exploitation? It can introduce various forms of abuse, like financial abuse. One of the examples is getting one's education paid for by gold-digging. What happens in a gold-digging relationship when the power dynamic shifts? What happens when the financier loses access to money? Stan says, "No one can consent to abuse." Being lonely and getting into gold-digging relationships should be allowed without judgment. But, money is inherently coercive, which is a risk. There are different types of relationships, not everything is about love. Historically, marriages were about property. Don't go into gold-digging if you really need the money, because the power dynamic may be skewed. 32:16 32:40 Harry in Yakima, Washington. Transition from new age to atheism Wife lost her faith and began to look into new age stuff. Dr. Daryl Ray suggested giving her time to grieve her faith. And it worked. She began to learn about atheism and ask questions. And they wanted to share about how they've grown together. The transition from new age to atheism.(36:24). There are many people who lose their friends and family when their faith changes or is lost. How long did the transition take? 10 years. She left the church in 2018 and took over a year. How has their family reacted? The family rejected her, but they are geographically far away. So, they've created a small community of atheists. 41:33 42:01 Derick from Alabama. Cults. Teaches a class about conspiracy theories and uses Truth Wanted clips. Will be talking about cults and how people are drawn in. Visit Telltales channel. Being born into one is a cause. Being targeted by good liars. Multi-Level-Marketing schemes are a good example of a persuasive cult. Lies by omission. Love bombing by a cult community who make you feel loved and special. The cult will isolate the new member from their friends and family. Doctrine is fed to the new member in very small doses. If outsiders say that you're in a cult, believe it. 55:06 Start time ? Paul in Georgia. Life changing heart attacks. Transitioning to Atheism because of his heart troubles. He prayed to God for help and his prayers were not answered. End time ? 1:15:22 Truth Wanted 03.04 with ObjectivelyDan & Nervardia-Oriax in Pennsylvania-Occult Chaos Magick Oriax in Pennsylvania. The Occult. Chaos Magick. Practitioners try various techniques and then they share the results with the community. ObjectivelyDan asks for talismans to see if he can practice Chaos Magick. Oriax used the Occult to get him out of a cult. End time ? 1:24:54 Aaron from Seattle, Washington. Tolpas. Aaron in Seattle, WA. Talks about Tolpas. He feels they are psychological rather than physical manifestations. Making a Tolpa is the act of role-playing, similar to playing Dungeons and Dragons. Novelists who write the same character has created a type of accidental Tolpa. 1:36:25 Copyright © 2018 Atheist Community of Austin. All rights reserved.

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