Build Your Audience as A Solopreneur by Using Inbound Marketing with Kathryn Aragon from Authority Journey


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Aside from outbound marketing like ads, one of the best ways to capture and build relationships with your audience is through inbound marketing. In this episode, content marketing expert Kathryn Aragon, joins us to talk about what inbound marketing is and how solopreneurs and coaches can benefit from it, how to start it, and how to set realistic goals to succeed in our content marketing efforts. Kathryn is also an award-winning growth marketer, content strategist, podcaster, author, keynote speaker, and coach around the concept of content and inbound marketing.

In this episode you’ll learn:

  • Understanding inbound marketing.
  • How solopreneurs can benefit from inbound marketing.
  • Channels used for inbound marketing.
  • Using a single or multiple channels for your marketing.
  • Making time for creating content for your business as a solopreneur.
  • First steps to take to begin creating content for your chosen channel.
  • Choosing topics for content creation.
  • Ways to make your content stand out.
  • Creating quality content that can help build and create relationships with your audience.
  • Keeping realistic goals for your inbound marketing strategies.
  • Adjusting strategies to achieve realistic goals.
  • Advice for solopreneurs or coaches wanting to start a content marketing project.


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