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Jared heads to Mt Rainier to check into strange sightings being reported around the mountain. Trigger Warning: Adult themes. Want the rest of the story now? Pick up Chasing the Demon today, in digital or paperback. If you're a Kindle Unlimited member, start reading for free today! Patrons get 18 minutes of bonus content and breaking news on future exclusives! Want a free story? Become a Patron and enjoy Beyond Genius today! Support the show. If you enjoy the show, please leave a rating and review. It's the kindest thing you could do today. Do you want more of my fiction, like The Scales, RIP, Chasing the Demon, or 12 Deaths of Christmas? What are you waiting for? Click this link or go to paulsating.com/fiction. Maybe you want to learn how podcasting can help you sell more books? Click the link to find out where you can pick up Novel Idea to Podcast: How to Sell More Books Through Podcasting. Come on over to Facebook and hang with me more often. Follow me on Twitter. Stalk me on Instagram.

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