How to Write a Book to Move the Masses


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Gahrey Ovalle is a serial entrepreneur who has spent more than 20 years building successful six-and-seven-figure companies for himself and others. He now teaches people the art of living remarkable, purposeful, happy lives while erring on the side of personal well-being, financial security, and growth. As a coach and mentor to entrepreneurs and leaders, he helps them create social impact through business development and community building, and always encouraging them to Grow Forward and Give Back.

What We Discuss with Gahrey Ovalle:

  • The impetus behind writing a book in 2020
  • His entrepreneurial journey
  • His passion for giving back to the community
  • The meaning of the concept “get a lottery”
  • The power of being honest about those conversations where we're hurting ourselves
  • The conversations he’s hoping for that would come out of reading his book

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