Ryan Michler (Order of Man): Fixing Yourself First, Fulfilling Your Duty As A Father, And Investing Money Unemotionally


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Today, I sit down with Ryan Michler (@OrderofMan), founder of the Order of Man, a community helping men master their relationships, health, wealth, and themselves. Having served as a soldier, a father, and a loving husband, Ryan knows what it takes to fulfill your duty as a man. Ryan also hosts a podcast by the same name and has written a book called Sovereignty: A Battle For The Hearts And Minds of Young Men. It’s a hell of a read and if you’re at all interested in what we are about to talk about on this podcast, I highly recommend picking up the book.

In this episode, Ryan and I discuss the relationship between pain and trauma, what it means to be a good father, the growing concept of Speech being equal to violence, Ryan’s journey as a financial advisor, and more. Without further ado, please enjoy this deep and wide-ranging conversation with Ryan Michler of Order of Man.

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