210. My Response to Instagram Comments on Victim Blaming, Social Media Bullying and Taking Self Responsibility


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I'm fired up in this episode, and what I thought I should say (including censoring my words) to address the social media reactions I received from a post on my Instagram feed this week- is not actually what I want to say. There is zero filtering happening here because this is something I am so passionate about!

I have zero tolerance for social media bullies, and others attacking those who have a different viewpoint.

Warning: There are some F words in this episode so listen with headphones if little ears are around!

This episode covers:

  • Victim-blaming vs taking self-responsibility for our life
  • The DV community approaches things from a victim/perpetrator stance, which doesn't work for every woman
  • Why I set social media boundaries and block disrespectful comments
  • Everything is open for interpretation and perception
  • What being emotionally reactive and triggered actually means
  • Social media shaming
  • Harassment, character attacks, slandering, personal judgments, and verbal abuse online (or anywhere) is never justified

Everyone is free to hold their own beliefs and views, including me.

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As always, ways to work with me can be found at leanneoaten.com

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