SPECIAL EPISODE: Entrepreneurs & Intergenerational Issues


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This is the recording of a special Awarepreneurs Community Call facilitated by Seema Agarwal on June 24th, 2019. TOPIC: Entrepreneurs and Intergenerational Issues: What You Need to Know to Support Your Clients and Enhance Your Success. PRESENTER: Seema Agarwal, energy healer and Family Constellations facilitator. Seema's website is https://seemaagarwal.com/ From Seema:

"In this call we will cover how our ancestral issues, which are usually hidden from plain sight affects our entrepreneurial possibilities, success and impact. In spite of the best intentions, best offerings, best skills set, best coaches and the best of circumstances, not every Entrepreneur succeeds. Often, we find ourselves struggling against some inner force, struggling to be comfortable being seen, struggling to maintain a constant momentum, struggling to get clients, struggling to accept money for our services. These struggles affect our survival and our Entrepreneurial dreams.

In this call, we will shed light on some of those hidden impulses, influences and forces that are echoes from our ancestral lineage and how they interplay with our business and what they are trying to show us. We will also discuss some possibilities to reconcile with these forces and move forward into our ventures. There will also be time for some questions and an exercise."

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