Reconciliation After Divorce | Ep. 397


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God loves reconciliation! Praise be to God, there are a number of couples who experience life change after divorce happens and are able to reunite and reconcile their marriage again.

But starting a marriage again after the pain of divorce, naturally comes with a set of unique challenges. In this episode Dr. Kim shares some practical tips for walking through this.

If you are married and thinking about divorce, we urge you to check out our resource 10 Things To Do Before You Get A Divorce.

If you are walking through reconciliation with your spouse, we are praying that God would show up in mighty ways for you as you reunite together.

Even if this isn't your story, there is still some wisdom to glean from this episode.

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  • “You don’t get married just to get a divorce.” - Dr. Kim Kimberling
  • “Even if you don’t reconcile after a divorce you have to forgive each other or you’ll carry that burden for a long time,” - Dr. Kim Kimberling
  • “You can’t drag unforgiveness into your next marriage and expect it to be healthy, you just can’t.” - Dr. Kim Kimberling
  • “If you choose to reconcile after divorce and put God first, He will make that happen if you let Him.” - Dr. Kim Kimberling
  • “The healthiest marriages are when both people are healthy.” - Dr. Kim Kimberling
  • “We are all sinners and all have things we need to work on.” - Christina Dodson
  • “It takes two to have an awesome marriage.” - Christina Dodson
  • “Usually if you’re divorced there has been trust broken at some level.” - Dr. Kim Kimberling
  • “You have to talk about your expectations with your former spouse to make sure you are on the same page.” - Dr. Kim Kimberling
  • “Seeing a counselor when you’re reconciling after divorce can provide invaluable accountability for you and your former spouse.” - Dr. Kim Kimberling
  • “Make a game plan for re-engaging with other family members as a reconciled couple; it’s going to be an adjustment for everyone around you.” - Christina Dodson
  • “Give reconciliation time. There is no shortcut to see if a person has changed” - Dr. Kim Kimberling
  • “If you were in an abusive marriage and are seeking to reconcile but your spouse hasn’t gotten help for their abusive behavior, their intentions may be good but they are going to fall back into abusive behaviors.” - Dr. Kim Kimberling


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