Bennett is Back!


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  • Guest: UNI Alum Parker Aden
  • Question of the day: Good junior high crush stories?
  • Episode in one word.
  • Noah and Bennett.
  • No-a-rose for Noah. This causes Noah some anxiety as they move into a cocktail party.
    • Who went home? Spencer, Demar, Ed (we can take a moment for Bill to grieve)
  • The Guys learn hometowns are imminent
  • Ben’s one-on-one
    • Danielle’s XC: Communication around suicide
  • Lie detector group date
    • Bill XC: Who lies in relationships?
  • Night portion of group date
    • Bowlarama is always drama.
    • She tells Zac she’s falling in love with him. This is kinda big.
  • Bennett returns.
  • Ed clip
  • Next week back to back episodes.
  • What's your biggest take away from this week’s episode?

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