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  • Guest: Micah Webb - UNI Alumni -
    • Graduated from UNI in ‘15 & ‘17 with MSW. Clinical Social Worker at Mayo Clinic in surgical ICU
  • Question of the day: If you had to plan a wedding for yourself, what would be on the menu (money and your partner’s opinion doesn’t matter)?
  • Episode in one word:
  • Matt James:
    • Thoughts on him being the first African American Bachelor?
    • Thoughts on concerns he shared with Chris?
  • Rapid fire thoughts on each lady:
    • Bill’s extra credit: Pick-up lines
    • Danielle’s extra credit: Beauty work, physical appearance, and first impressions
  • Who went home?
  • High School Yearbook game….who is:
    • Most likely to crossover to Catfish
    • Most likely to win the hunger games
    • Most likely to start a fight/center of drama
    • Most likely to say I love you by episode 3?
    • Most likely to be on BIP?
  • Predictions
    • Who will be in the Hometowns?
    • Who will he end up with?
    • Who would you want to rob a bank and end up on the lamb with?
  • Episode in a statement?

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