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-Guest: Sadé Barfield - Director of the UNI Speech
-Teaches courses in the Department of Communication and Media ranging from Public Speaking to Group Communication.
-Best blind date story
-Describe this episode in one word
-Clare is immediately in the hot seat
-Chris Harrison tells the guys there won’t be a cocktail party and pulls Dale aside.
-Dale and Clare’s dinner date.
-Is Dale as into Clare as she is him?
-Bill’s Extra-Credit:Equability in Relationships
-Where is Dale?
-“Next step, proposal...”
-Clare dumps the dudes…
-The guys learn Clare is off the table
-The Proposal
-Danielle’s Extra-Credit. Sports metaphors and relationships. Equal playing field.
-Hot Takes on Tayshia! Predictions for who you think she’ll connect with?
-One sentence take away from this week.

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