Red Wedding


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  • Guest - Kim Hanna
  • Today’s question: Would you rather go on 2 bad first dates with really amazing food or 1 good first date with really bad food. Justify your your work.
  • Episode in one word.
  • Blake’s date
  • Riley gets sent home?
  • Bennett and Noah are done and they tangle at tell all…
  • Men tell all
    • No Joe, No Chasen?
    • Josef...
  • Hometowns
    • Bill’s XC - Why care about hometowns?
  • Brendan’s hometown (Carnies)
  • Zac’s hometown (New York)
  • Ivan’s hometown (Cooking together)
    • Danielle’s “gender roles in domestic labor”
  • Ben’s date (Cali boardwalk)
  • Ben goes home, thoughts on the final 3?
  • Will she pick anyone? If so, who?
  • Episode in a statement?

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