Rom-Com Ending to a Horror Film Plot


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  • Introduction: Dr. Montana Smith - UNI Alumni - Instructor at Drake University and Arts Programmer at the Iowa Arts Council in Des Moines
  • Question of the day: What is your “go-to” karaoke song?
  • Episode in one word:
  • Ivan
    • Ice-bath? Yes or no
    • Ivan says he is falling in-love with her
    • They spend the night together
    • They talked about religion being central
    • Ivan gets sent home
  • Brendan
    • They talk about rings
    • Was Brendan into this?
    • Brendan says he is not the man Tayshia deserves, thoughts?
    • How did Tayshia handle it?
  • Ben returns
    • Why did Tayshia walk off?
    • What do you think about her keeping Ben around?
    • What was with the kiss?
    • Meeting Tayshia’s family
    • Thoughts on Dad’s advice to Tayshia?
  • Zach
    • Body paint, they have chemistry for some reason….
    • Kids seem to be an issue…
    • “I love you” in the fantasy suite
    • Zach meets family
    • What do we think of the final scene?
    • Long-term predictions?
      • Extra-Credit advice: One thing from our fields that will help the happy couple?
  • Season in a statement?
  • SOOOOOOOO D3 thoughts on doing this with Matt James?

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