Scorpions and Secret Missions


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  1. Guest host: Dr. Tom Hall, a professor in the Department of Communication and Media. His expertise is in Organizational Communication.
  2. Guest: McCulloch Hall .
  3. If your parents were a band, what would you call them?
  4. This week’s episode in one word?
  5. Men are asked to write and perform love songs for Tayshia.
  6. Peacocking!
  7. Ivan wins a one-on-one & Sparks fly!.
    1. Which birth order child has it the hardest?
    2. George Floyd and BLM
    3. Do you see potential and connection between Tayshia and Ivan?
  8. Truth and Dare.
    1. Shakes (cow intestine and scorpions)
    2. Fake Orgasms
    3. Spicy proposals.
  9. After some playful dares, the group moves to a more somber truth part of the date.
  10. Ben goes on a secret mission. Ed is also on a mission to meet with Tayshia.
  11. The rose ceremony. Did she let the right guys go home?
    1. Guys who went home: Joe Park, Jordan, Kenny, Chasen “Wolverine” Nick,
  12. Any predictions about where the show is headed?
  13. Any favorite memes or Tweets we haven’t mentioned?
  14. Before we wrap this up, describe the episode in one sentence.
  15. A quick correction.

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