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-Guest: UNI Alum and filmmaker Kazek Israni-Winger.
-His script “Protect Ya’ Neck” recently won Honorable Mention at the Los Angeles Movie Awards and won best Urban Screenplay at the Urban Action Showcase.
-Last treat you bought for your partner?
-Episode in one word?
-Grown ass man competition. Intelligent, strong, serve breakfast in bed?
-Bill’s extra-credit: Gottman’s Magic Relationship Ratio
-Danielle’s extra-credit: Masculinity
-Chasen swoops in and pulls Tayshia aside.
-Ben and Ivan
-Did Ed do Chasen dirty going to Tayshia?
-Grown ass men are kind, humble, they protect those who cannot protect themselves.
-Rose Ceremony?
-Dudes who went home: Jay Smith, Peter G., Monte Hill,
-Wrestling date
-When Tayshia interrupts Brendon to kiss him.
-Ben makes the best, worst plan ever. Good idea, bad idea?
-Was Tayshia right to throw him under the bus?
-Spencer was hardly in this episode.
-Any favorite tweets/memes/etc. That we haven’t mentioned yet?
-Describe the episode in one sentence
-Quick take: Matt James next Bachelor.

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