The Queen Doesn't Go Home


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  • Guest: PhD Student and Popular Culture Extraordinaire, Cecilia Cerja.
  • If you were on the Bachelor, what would you do for your limo entrance?
  • Episode in one word.
  • The episode begins with the first one-on-one. Bri is the lucky lady
    • Victoria “I’m the only one being real.” (Danielle has some general thoughts on realness).
    • Bri and Matt dump it on the 4 wheelers. Matt reacts by apologizing to Bri’s mom.
    • What do you think about his and Bri’s connection?
      • Bill’s XC - Religion in romance
  • They announce the group date. There are 18 girls on the group date.
    • Wedding dress photoshoot with Franco.
    • Cut up dresses then play capture the flag/balloon fight/cake fight.
    • Evening portion of the date.
  • Sarah is chosen for the next one-on-one. They fly and then have a date in the woods.
  • Cocktails before the Rose ceremony:
    • Marylynn cries. He gives her an orchid
    • Marylynn/Victoria drama
      • Danielle XC - Mean Girls, communication, and moral panic.
  • Rose Ceremony
    • Sarah almost passes out at the rose ceremony
  • One sentence take away from the episode
  • Cecelia shoutouts

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