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  1. Guest: Nicole Schmitt - Graduate of UNI - Communication Studies major with minors in Sociology and Industrial Psychology and a certificate in Conflict Resolution
  2. Question of the day - If you couldn’t do your job tomorrow what career would you choose?
  3. Sum up this episode in one word?
  4. Chris Harrison is out for the week and JoJo is the new host...thoughts?
  5. Zac C gets a One-on-One date
  6. Group date
    1. Where did the nude models come from?
    2. Does drawing nude models demonstrate vulnerability?
    3. Blindfolded clay?
    4. Self-portraits a lot to discuss:
      1. Danielle’s extra-credit: Rapport vs Report Style Communication
    5. Tayshia seemed overwhelmed - thoughts?
  7. EZ one-on-one
  8. Bennett and Noah
    1. Bill’s extra-credit: Mate Poaching
  9. Who got sent home? EZ (EZ come...EZ go)
  10. Any favorite memes or Tweets we haven’t mentioned?
  11. Before we wrap this up, describe the episode in one sentence.

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