Episode 82: Supper On The Mount


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Meli reunites with the Bronze Scales as they converge on God’s Rest and behold the ruination wrought by the battle with Hex and the Will’s scouts. The party gathers with a war council assembled around Amethystus, as they strategize and discuss the best courses of action. After a tense recap of their adventures and a preparatory feast, the Scales ready themselves to face Hex at sundown. Theme Song: “Returning to Camp” by Magnus Ringblom Time Stamps 0:00 - Intro. 1:30 - (A very professional) Recap. 2:38 - Episode begins. 15:01 - Seat of the council. 20:11 - Planning for war. 25:58 - True intentions. 31:54 - Alliances and accomplishments. 36:56 - What must be done and what can be done. 47:03 - Different sorts of storms. 52:36 - Wants and needs. 58:00 - Bless this mess. 1:11:22 - A lot to catch up on. 1:16:20 - Fate’s favorite. 1:20:40 - Uneasy rest. 1:24:12 - The last supper. 1:30:33 - Outro. Cast DM - Klouse (twitter.com/KlouseWhite) Amsen - Faye (twitter.com/FaeSpiritscribe) Bál - Roger Ellory - Nyessa (twitter.com/NyessaGaming) Felix - George Meli - Katie Vesper - Swan (twitter.com/swanofmischief)

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