Episode Eighty: Ruins of God - Part Two


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With the strategy finalized, The Bronze Scales enter the Elder Brain chamber and launch a powerful assault on the aberrations within. In the wake of their half-victory, they venture to the room housing a strange index that will guide them to the spine of Norithil, the dying titan that makes up their world. What they find at the end of the neural pathways challenges their perspectives, and Felix’s convictions. Music: “They Came From the Sky” by August Wilhelmsson Time Stamps 0:00 - Previously... 0:44 - Episode begins. 9:00 - RIP in pieces. 16:15 - Rise from rubble. 21:00 - The way forward. 25:04 - Crystalline Codex. 32:27 - Diners, Dendrites, and Dives. 36:35 - The World Titan. 47:57 - Of one mind. 1:00:26 - Outro. Cast DM - Klouse (twitter.com/KlouseWhite) Amsen - Alexander (twitter.com/StoriesByAmsen) Bál - Roger Ellory - Nyessa (twitter.com/NyessaGaming) Felix - George Vesper - Swan (twitter.com/swanofmischief)

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