How to Retire Early on F.I.R.E. with Eric Richards of Nomad on Fire


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Learn how to retire early with the FIRE Method (Financial Independence Retire Early). Eric Richards of Nomad on Fire podcast explains how you can become financially and location-independent even if you're a big spender, new to investing or "bad" at math and budgeting.

You'll also find out the three most effective ways to save money, how to become financially independent while a location-independent digital nomad, the best travel credit cards, what the cost-of-living is in Bali and Medellín, and more.


  • Bali reopening and cost-of-living
  • What is the FIRE method and 4% rule?
  • How much do you need to save to retire early?
  • How long does it take to achieve FIRE?
  • Different approaches to the FIRE method and passive income (cash flow or draw down approach)
  • Quitting your corporate job
  • Burnout and work-life balance
  • How Eric saved money while a employed full-time
  • How to avoid lifestyle inflation
  • Geo-arbitrage
  • How to balance your job and side hustle
  • How to stay productive and organize your time when you work for yourself
  • How to balance ambition with happiness
  • How to figure out what you want from life
  • Living in Medellin, Colombia and monthly cost-of-living
  • Remote Year - is it worth it?
  • What should you do once you have it "all?" What’s next in life after achieving financial and location independence?



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