054: Get Lit: Igniting Your Spark


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Growing up, Kim Selby navigated through curve balls, constantly re-inventing herself, and grew into her true bad-assery in her late 50s. Kim is all about positivity and helping others share their light so it spreads. She motivates others to not let anyone dim their light. Kim has worked for Glamour magazine in NYC and was also the Fashion Director at Saks Fifth Avenue. She had her own fashion show production company for many years and has been a volunteer giving back to the community in a variety of ways. Gathering data from her years in theatre, her coaching certification (In creativity coaching), and her life experiences, Kim uses all of that knowledge to encourage other women to light their inner spark.

What You Will Hear

  • Kim learned in her 20s that she was adopted and how it changed her.
  • The importance of having a community of people and activities to help you work through life challenges.
  • Finding your passion in order to ignite or reignite your inner spark.
  • The positive effects of stepping out of your comfort zone and trying something new.
  • Everyone’s ability to choose joy and happiness.


  • “Stepping outside of your comfort zone is always a good thing because it’s where the growth happens.”
  • “You have to have the desire to awaken to your purpose.”
  • “Leading by example is the best that anyone can do”
  • “When people find what they are meant to do, their spark is lit.”
  • “Every single day, to get your spark lit, find the things that you are grateful for.”


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