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In this episode of the Balance Boldly Podcast seating with Naketa Ren Thigpen let us welcome Jodi Hume, she provides on call decision support and facilitates leadership conversations for startup founders and entrepreneurs and the executive teams. She has an amazing amount of experience. We are talking nearly two decades of making sure that you move the needle forward, but do it efficiently at full capacity of yourself.

After a 15 year, career as CEO of a growing architectural firm. She spent the last decade and facilitating all these complex conversations, helping others like you and me navigate the growth and the uncertainty. Can you say she is necessary hashtag that everything that she is doing is super necessary? And if 2020 didn't tell you how necessary she is, I don't know what to say you might want to tune into a different podcast. But if you're staying with us to go and grow with us.

What you will learn

· The importance of communication to grow your business

· How improving your communication can help your entrepreneurial journey

· To communicate as a leader

· To shape your life/business with better conversations

More about Jodi Hume

Jodi Hume have a degree in Psychology from Loyola University, am trained as a skilled facilitator from Johns Hopkins University, and am certified as a CoActive Coach by The Coaches Training Institute. I also sing in a Blues & Folk Band, The Wafflers. She is also the host of the business podcast: So Here's My Story.

Contact: Jodi Hume


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