Ep. #005 Tony Mazzaferro | How To Structure Your Rehearsal Process, How Teaching Philosophies Change, and 2-Year vs. 4-Year Music Schools


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Hey everyone, and welcome to episode number 5 of the Band Director Blueprint Podcast! My name is Taylor Smith, with co-host Eric Villalobos. We appreciate you for joining us today. For our listeners that are new to the community, the Band Director Blueprint podcast is a place for current and future music educators to contribute their thoughts on building and developing music programs, new teaching techniques, and just good teaching all together! Today’s guest is Dr. Tony Mazzaferro. We discussed how to structure your rehearsal process, how teaching philosophies change, and what high school students should know about 2-year vs. 4-year music schools. Without further ado, Dr. Tony Mazzaferro!

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