#TheHustle: Ernie Omondi - Solutions Engineer @Facebook


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Halle Rubera shares the stories of accomplished African professionals from different backgrounds currently working at top global firms. #TheHustle sheds light on the wide array of career opportunities - and highlights the wit, grit and hustle of these high-achievers in investment banking, management consulting, private equity, engineering, scientific research and more.

Ernie Omondi - Harvard College, Solutions Engineer at Facebook. Hometown: Nairobi, Kenya. When Ernie switched majors in college, he was uncertain about next steps in his career. He proactively sought advice from upperclassmen and fellow Computer Science Majors - and that’s how he learned about Facebook University. With just a few days to the application deadline, Ernie enlisted the help and encouragement of friends and peers to apply to Facebook. The rest is history. Ernie’s experience is a wonderful story of proactivity, courage and resolve.
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