BRP #129: Week of 3/16/20 - Let the Quarantine Begin (aka No Trivia Games Until Further Notice)


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It's strange times that we're living in today, and no one can really wrap their heads around how everything will pan out for the next few weeks (or even months). As of today (3/16/20), all trivia games have been postponed until further notice. It's crazy to think that this could even be a possibility, but it's unfortunately the reality that we're all dealing with. We at BRE wish the best to all of our hosts (most of whom rely on working for us as a major part of their income) and to our locations who are even more affected by not being able to be open. Please know though that once the ban on social gathering has been lifted that we'll be back to training brains as soon as possible!!! But listen in to this week's show as Goldberg & Wadsy try and wrap their heads around the situation. Also, make sure you listen next week as we hope to have a great way for you to stay in the game by joining in on the podcast!!! And to end things off, some positive music to lift your spirits: The Professors of Sweet, Sweet Music with their tune "Better"! Be well out there and looking forward to being back at it with you all ASAP.....

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