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My buds from discord and I unveil an entire world of fantastic stories!!! First off we have the dm for our main campaign and some side quests, Isaac Gutierrez, also known as Lavender Storm when playing.2. Then we have Dungeon Meister, the main dm for our side quests! He also plays Mack Starport in our main campaign. A pirate who’s past is unknown and untold, only thing that’s obvious is his troubled past that clearly clouds his mind and sanity. In our sidequests he plays Camden, a tabaxi rouge who is currently enjoying the company of your nordic shieldmaiden.3. My my my ladies and gentleman, we have Humberto Valantini, a funny, caring and charming man who brings these traits to his characters: In our main campaign we have Quna Zin. The barbarian who takes every contract to heart and loves his team like family. In the side quests we have Sieek, a goblin monk who went from in charge to poor and banished from his home. Now working for Lavender as his adventurer. Also, Sellow an owl folk wizard who treasures history and wants to build a museum.4. Behind every caring barbarian is a sassy gal, this sassy gal is Ely Valantini! In the main quests we have Skyla with her trustworthy wolf Onyx! An eladrin elf with an australian accent. You’ll be laughing with and loving her wit. In the side quests we have Astrid! The Queen of a fae kingdom who’s edgy personality just couldn’t take the boredom of royal life. So she works for Lavender Storm and so far as already been tricked into providing fairies for his hotel. 5. Here we have the lovely and outrageous Marcus! A man who’s detective skills and conspiracy theories will blow you away. He plays Sylros Vicfyr in the main campaign. An ex knight of the unicorns and mentoree of his side quest character Krotos, who has been running from a terrifying creature. Side quests we have the mad cleric and infant murderer Krotos the loxodon priest who worked with Lavender Storm during our first side quest and has influenced every other character Marcus plays with trauma. Other characters of note are Deiva a druid centaur who works for Lavender and the twin genasis who are either in prison or adventurering.6. Gorza, the cleric of Tiamat and fighter of the weak and strong alike. Goldra, the mother to Gorza and loving barbarian who cares for kids and women. And, finally. Sunizi, the drakewarden ranger who works for Lavender and has offically peed herself twice while fighting a false hydra. In debt from his parents and forced to adventure to pay off her parents debts after only a life of baking, she’s going to let her greed run her life for a bit.7. Barkas-Barril, the man, the myth, the legend. A half-moon elf sorcerer with an intense power deep in his core. A passion for equality and freedom, a true revolutionary at heart. His big ole heart. Oh and he’s a king of an elven kingdom but doesn’t realize it yet.

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