Will the Coronavirus Forever Change America


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If there ever was a Time for Logic, the Time is Now. Bards Logic is joined again by LaRouche Republican for U.S. Senate candidate Daniel Burke. We discuss how the Coronavirus could forever change the American, and perhaps the World economy. His positive vision of optimism is one that can cross party lines. Candidate Burke's agenda includes ideas that transcend ideology in a way that will benefit all Americans. Daniel is also a staunch supporter of President Trump. His campaign website: https://www.burke4senate.com/ Article pertaining to this episode's discussion. Angst on Wall Street: the ‘Floating Rate’ Monetary System Is Sinking Emergency Appeal to the Presidents of the United States, China, and Russia, And the Prime Minister of India Facing the Financial and Economic Blow-Out Bards Logic is the Grassroot, We the People show.

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