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This week on the BATTASS Podcast, Batman has his first encounters with some truly inhuman foes, Ra’s al Ghul makes mouth time with a mummy monster, and Ivy grows her own family and becomes a monster’s mommy with Avatar and House and Garden!

First up, in Avatar, An ancient Egyptian scroll donated to the Gotham museum by Bruce Wayne is stolen by Ra’s al Ghul, and Batman and Talia must work together to stop Ra’s from unlocking the secrets of life and death contained within it. Before it’s all said and done we get some sweet desert-lit Batman, a supernatural mummy monster, and some life-sucking face-sucking!

Next up in House and Garden, Poison Ivy, released from Arkham Asylum, has apparently settled down and married her doctor. It looks as if her criminal days are in the past. But wealthy bachelors are succumbing to an unknown toxin, raising questions about Ivy’s innocence. If you like cactus monsters, creepy cabbage patch children, and plant-based decoy getaways, then this episode is for you!

This week Clay and Sean are joined by special guest, Bloody Hel Kickstarter backer, and DC Comics Red Hood and the Outlaws artist Travis Mercer! Pull up a chair as they discuss the finer bits of desert-lit Batman, Peter Cushing analogs, silent horror movie homages, Batman hanging out in trees, Batman and Gordon driving in awkward silence, Batman hanging out in living rooms, and whether or not real newborns are any less gross than basement-grown cabbage patch monster newborns (they’re not).

We’ve got a bit of a monsterpalooza on Batman the Animated Series this week, and a special guest to help us break it all down! So kidnap and replace your psychiatrist and his family, pucker up for some ancient Egyptian tonsil hockey, and join us for this new episode of the Battass Podcast!

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